Mandala Vortex Cards

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The Mandala Vortex energy cards are inspired by the themes found in the book titled “Fall in Love with Your Life” and are a tool to facilitate some of the exercises, techniques and chapters given in the book. 

How to merge with the techniques and energies from the book?

If we, for instance, want to merge with the energy of one of the Archangels quickly and easily, it is enough to place the corresponding card in front of ourselves, or take it into our hand, and focus on it for a couple of minutes. We can relax and forgive with more ease, fill our heart with love and balance our chakras with the help of these cards. We can also connect with rays of light and elements of nature, get in touch with our inner child, dive into the meditative state, enhance our manifestation energy, connect with the rainbow bridge, balance the colours of our aura, surrender to blessings, dissolve in the embrace of Mother Divine, and many other things. 

How to use the cards?

We should concentrate on the image with a few deep breaths in and close our eyes for a short while in order to focus our attention and calm down. Then we direct our gaze into the mandala. We can dive into it, surrender and let it embrace us with its energy. Once we are in meditative state, looking at it, and breathing calmly, we could get the sense of lightness, intuitive thoughts, or insights and after all we can consult the Guidebook and read the general meaning for every mandala card.

  • You will receive one set of Mandala Vortex Cards, delivered at your address.

  • You will receive one set of Mandala Vortex Cards, delivered at your address.
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Mandala Vortex Cards

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